WA’s top 5 accessible 4×4 spots

With the COVID-19 Pandemic keeping us indoors more than we’re used to, we have started to think about where our first 4×4 trip is going to be once the government restrictions on movement have been lifted. Here’s our top 5 accessible spots, with some closer to home than others.

Preston Beach

Located a short 40 minute drive south of Mandurah, Preston Beach offers a long beach 4×4 both north and south of the entry point. Being relatively close to Perth, it’s a popular spot during the warmer months offering plenty of room for everyone.

Head down for a day trip, pack lunch and dinner and the fishing rods. Everything from Whiting and Herring through to Mulloway are caught along the stretch of sand, with Salmon coming through around Easter most years.

The sand can be quite soft in places, which sees people bogged from time to time.

If respect is shown to the sand with sound technique, Preston Beach should prove a minimal challenge for most 4wd enthusiasts.

Mundaring Power Lines Track

One of the only metro 4×4 tracks around Perth WA, the Mundaring Power Lines Track offers a great deal of variety for novices and experts alike.

During the dry, warmer months, most 4×4 enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the terrain without too much trouble. There are some points of the track where it is advised to travel in convoy though, and respect needs to be shown to the track.

During the wetter, cooler months the track can become quite slippery. This can present it’s own challenges so make sure you’re geared up for it, and heading out with at least one other 4×4.

Cape Arid

Image: Experience Esperance

Hugely popular spot for those heading out for a lengthy trip, Cape Arid offers a multitude of tracks and camping spots.

A favourite of our very own Shayne, the area will provide you with terrain challenging enough to keep you on your toes. You’ll need to keep an eye on the ever-changing landscape, as you may need to deflate and inflate your tyres along the way.

Heading down there with a convoy will provide the security to have a bit more fun, however most of the terrain will be able to be conquered with good 4×4 technique.

Joeys Nose (Kilcarnup)

The Margaret River region is intensely popular, particularly during holiday periods so it makes sense to feature a super accessible spot here.

Joey’s nose is a stunning beach accessible by track, just off Kilcarnup Road. Just south of Gracetown, the area offers firm, winding tracks from beach to beach as well as several beaches you can get your 4×4 on to.

During the warmer months, these beaches can be great for swimming with reef protection keeping the water relatively calm. The fishing can be amazing as well, with the reef providing a range of species to target. Being the South West, you can hope to expect some Salmon to swim through during the March and April months.

Lane Poole Reserve

Image: Coast Live

A hugely popular camping spot as it is only less than an hour to get to from Perth, Lane Poole Reserve offers nearly every outdoor activity you can think of.

Fishing, hiking, kayaking/canoeing, boating and especially 4wd tracks are available within the reserve.

Heading down overnight will allow you more time to explore, and find the fun parts of the tracks. Even a day trip will net you the experience you are after.

Most of the terrain is accessible to beginners, as long as safe practice is shown.

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