What is the right suspension for your 4×4?

Getting the right suspension for your 4×4 is going to make a huge difference to your four-wheel driving experience in Perth and Western Australia. Whether you will be driving on a beach, road or heading bush to tackle some tough terrain, your suspension can be the difference to a smooth drive or a really uncomfortable one.

Consider these questions before deciding on your 4×4 suspension.

What is your expected terrain and usage of your 4×4?

How often will you be taking your 4×4 off road, and are you heading to the beach or into the bush? Is your vehicle for work, are you towing consistently?

There is a lot to consider here, however it is quite important as you will want to account for what you are using the 4×4 for mostly, and also allow for the extremes that you want to take the 4×4. There is not much point in setting up you 4WD for extreme competition terrain if you will be using the car for work and some weekend beach driving.

What type of vehicle is your 4×4?

The right suspension is heavily dependent on the type of 4×4 you are driving. Ute or wagon? Hilux or Prado? It all makes a difference, and it is something that your local 4wd shop will ask you before going any further.

Longer vehicles will need a different suspension set up than shorter vehicles, due to where most of the weight is sitting.

Have you considered what is legal on WA roads?

You can upgrade all the suspension possible to any limit, however if you go too far you will not have a road legal vehicle in WA. This might be ok if it is exclusively for off road use, or even a competition car, but if you want to drive your 4WD on WA’s roads it will need to comply with the law.

How many accessories are you putting on your vehicle?

The more equipment that you attach to the 4WD, the heavier it is going to be, and you will need a suspension system that can handle the load. Bull Bars, Rear Bars, Canopies, Water Storage, Dual Fuel Tanks, Fridges and other bulky accessories are quite heavy and will add to your vehicles overall load quite considerably. Not all suspension will be able to handle the increased weight. Make sure you take this into consideration when making your decision on suspension.

What is your budget?

For many, value for money is a major driver in purchase decisions. It is important to know what your budget is so you can ensure you do not break the bank. Speaking with an experienced 4×4 equipment store will gain valuable information so you can make an informed decision.

Our team at AUS 4WD Equipment have sold and fitted suspension upgrades for hundreds of Perth 4×4 enthusiasts. We will be able to take you through all your options and provide a solution that fits your budget. Get in touch with us today.

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