AUS 4WD Equipment

4WD Recovery Equipment and Accessories

Going off road into areas where a lot of vehicles can’t get to may mean you find yourself in a situation you need assistance getting out of. In times like this, you will want to ensure you’re equipped with the highest quality recovery gear, and there is plenty to find at AUS 4WD Equipment. Visit WA’s best 4WD Recovery Equipment and Accessories store located in Bassendean and Port Hedland.

Recovery Gear

The right equipment may be the difference between continuing your trip or having to call for help. From 4WD recovery kits, to tred boards, cable winches and more, we have all the equipment and accessories to ensure you’re equipped with the recovery equipment that suits your trip.

Our store holds a great range of:

Recovery Jacks

Recovery Kits

Snatch Straps

Tred Boards

Cable Winches

Synthetic Rope Winches

Recovery Gear

Jacks and Accessories

TJM Jack Base

Jack Base

TJM Recovery Jack Service Kit

Recovery Jack Service Kit

TJM Recovery Jack Bag

Recovery Jack Bag

TJM Recovery Jack

Recovery Jack

Recovery Accessories

TJM Recovery Ring WLL 10,000kg

Recovery Ring WLL 10,000kg

TJM Tyre Repair Kit

Tyre Repair Kit

TJM Small Gear Bag

Small Gear Bag

TJM Drag Chain and Bag

Drag Chain and Bag

TJM Sand Flag 3mx3m

Sand Flag 3mx3m

TJM Large Gear Bag

Large Gear Bag

TJM Medium Gear Bag

Medium Gear Bag

TJM 8T Snatch Block

8T Snatch Block

TJM Strap Joiner

Strap Joiner

TJM Premium Recovery Gloves

Premium Recovery Gloves

TJM Recovery Blanket

Recovery Blanket

TJM 10T Snatch Block

10T Snatch Block

Hitches and Shackles

TJM Soft Shackle

Soft Shackle

TJM Recovery Hitch

Recovery Hitch

TJM Standard Length Alloy Hitch

Standard Length Alloy Hitch

TJM Extended Length Alloy Hitch

Extended Length Alloy Hitch

TJM 19mm Bow Shackle

19mm Bow Shackle

TJM 16mm Bow Shackle

16mm Bow Shackle

Kits and Straps

TJM Kinetic Rope

Kinetic Rope

TJM Snatch Straps

Snatch Straps

TJM Tree Trunk Protector

Tree Trunk Protector

TJM Winch Extension Strap

Winch Extension Strap

TJM Ox Recovery Winch Strap

Ox Recovery Winch Strap


TJM Torq Winch 9500lb

Torq Winch 9500lb

TJM Torq Winch 12,000lb

Torq Winch 12,000lb

TJM Torq ATV Winch 4000lb

Torq ATV Winch 4000lb

Recovery Boards

TJM Tred HD Recovery Boards

Tred HD Recovery Boards

TJM Tred Carry Bag

Tred Carry Bag

Saber Recovery Kits

Recovery Kits

Saber Kinetic Rope

Kinetic Rope

Saber Soft Shackles

Soft Shackles

Saber Bridles


Saber Hitches


Saber Winch Shackles

Winch Shackles

Saber Fair Leads

Fair Leads

Saber Winch Ropes

Winch Ropes

Saber Recovery Rings

Recovery Rings

Saber Winches


Saber Recovery Bags

Recovery Bags

Runva 11XP 12V Winch

Runva 11XP 12V Winch

Runva 13XP 12V Winch

Runva 13XP 12V Winch

Runva EWB25000 Premium 24V Winch

EWB25000 Premium 24V Winch

Runva EWV12000 Ultimate 12V Winch

EWV12000 Ultimate 12V Winch