Heading off for a 4×4 trip you will want to able to carry as much equipment as possible, with only a finite amount of space available to you. AUS 4WD Equipment has a large range of storage solutions in our Perth store with 4×4 canopies, drawers, self-locking systems, and cargo barrier systems which can be built so that it’s all easily removed and installed.

With so many different 4×4s on the market, not all canopies and storage systems will suit. AUS 4WD Equipment understand this more than most and with a wide collection of 4×4 canopies in our Perth store, we will ensure that you get the correct product to fit your vehicle.

With central locking on the rear door and lockable side windows as standard, you can rest assured that your cargo will remain safe and secure. Discover the range of 4×4 canopies available at Perth’s leading 4WD equipment specialist.

Buddy Canopy

Featuring plenty of room inside and easy access to cargo, the Buddy Canopy allows you to do more for less.

Stylish Canopy

If you’re looking for a world class 4×4 canopy in Perth, don’t look past the Aeroklas Stylish Canopy. Lightweight and strong, this single piece of thermoformed ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) leaves minimal potential for breakage.

Premium Canopy

Jam-packed with features that are both convenient and highly functional, this 4×4 canopy has the ability to be colour-coded to match your ute. Built from durable fiberglass with tinted tempered glass windows, rest assured your cargo is safe inside.

  • Buddy Canopy
  • Stylish Canopy
  • Premium Canopy

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We offer a large range of 4WD products for tough conditions

Getting off road can be tough work, and your 4x4 will thank you if you have the protection installed to keep pushing through the toughest of terrains. The options available at AUS 4x4 Equipment are endless.

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When heading off road you will want your vehicle performing to its absolute maximum ability and a quality suspension will certainly play a major role. A good suspension will allow you to push the boundaries,go further, and suspension modification ranks high on the to-do list of the dedicated 4x4 enthusiast.

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At AUS Mechanical Services, we supply and fit high-quality tyres for passenger vehicles, 4WDs, light trucks and buses, including hard-wearing tyres designed for the harsh conditions and remote areas of the WA outback. We stock tyres from industry-leading brands such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Hankook, Toyo, Kumho, Nankang, Austone and BF Goodrich. Our Onslow branch also offers large, industrial-sized tyres for tractors and cranes from brands such as Telehandler and Franna.

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Heading off for a 4x4 trip you will want to able to carry as much equipment as possible, with only a finite amount of space available to you. AUS 4WD Equipment has a large range of storage solutions with canopies, drawers, self-locking systems, cargo barrier systems and can be built so that it’s all easily removed and installed.

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Making it from a lengthy A to B, or to Z may simply come down to the fuel tank installed in your 4x4. AUS 4WD Equipment will have the solution for you and get you on to those long trips sooner rather than later.

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Don’t keep your day to sunlight hours with a huge range of lighting available to you for your vehicle and the campsite. The range of lighting at AUS 4WD Equipment will allow your daily trip to go longer with the best driving lights on the market, and you can illuminate your campsite with a great range of camp lights.

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Snorkels are commonly the first accessory fitted to a four-wheel drive, and with good reason. Whether it’s modifying the mould to allow for an aerial, or designing the air ram to follow the curve of the windscreen you can be confident that every TJM Airtec snorkel not only performs, it looks the part too.

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Going off road into areas where a lot of vehicles can’t get to may mean you find yourself in a situation you need assistance getting out of. In times like this you will want to ensure you’re equipped with the highest quality recovery gear, and there is plenty to find at AUS 4WD Equipment.

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Today the TJM Pro Locker stands alone. With an innovative air operated differential locker that, at the flick of a cabin switch, allows you to send equal drive to both wheels and the unique piston style actuator eliminates the risk of oil entering the airline.

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Getting to your destination is only part of the fun. Being as comfortable as possible once you get to camp is paramount and AUS 4WD Equipment has some of the best camping gear in Perth. Taking the best camping gear with you will provide a home away from home, wherever you end up.

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Getting to where you want to go when off road can take a lot of equipment, but most importantly you will need the right map. AUS 4WD Equipment has a large range of maps that covers most of Australia off road tracks.

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